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Slash Energy Costs With IntelliFlo Pumps

Intelliflo_SVRS_wht_mainThe new IntelliFlo delivers a level of cost-efficiency previously unheard of in swimming pool pumps. That’s because of a revolutionary new motor and built-in microprocessor that programs IntelliFlo to work at that exact level – and no harder. The result is savings in energy consumption up to 90%…or more!


  • Uses 1/10th of the horsepower of other pumps or about 100 watts of electricity – other pumps typically operate at 2600 watts
  • Super quiet – produces just 7-10 decibels – about half the sound of a whisper
  • Tells you when your filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned
  • Features built-in blockage detection and safety shut-off along with totally enclosed design, assuring long equipment life
  • Senses loss of prime, overheating, freezing temperatures and voltage irregularities, and automatically adjusts to protect itself from potentially harmful conditions

View the owner’s manual for all the details.