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Acid Watch

Cyanuric acid keeps chlorine active in outdoor pools, but high levels can cause a litany of setbacks. Read more

Tips to Extend Your Motor’s Life

Pentair pool products are known for reliability, the average motor can last 5 – 10 years when properly maintained. Here are some tips from Pentair to extend the life of your motor:

  • The shaft seal needs to be checked or replaced every 6 months. If there is leaking under the pump, you know the seal needs to replaced.
  • The chemical balance of the pool needs to stay in the ideal range. If the water is too acidic it erodes, too alkaline the water leaves calcium deposits. Check the pool after it rains.
  • Excess salt is also hard on shaft seals, 3,000 – 3,500 ppm is ideal. Excess salt is abrasive and will wear the shaft seal, like a motor without oil.
  • Listen, is the pump making noise? A high pitch squeal or the sound of marbles indicates trouble.
  • Never, ever put acid in the skimmer baskets. The acid goes right into the pump, filter and heater. Acid needs to go into the deep end of the pool or it will erode the equipment. When diluting acid, put the water in the bucket first, then the acid. Much safer that way.
  • Does your pool have enough water? Without proper water levels to cool the motor, the motor will overheat and burn out.

Got Salt?

Salt chlorine generating interest in the U.S. Read more.

Salt Solution

Salt has many uses around the house. Besides enhancing baked potatoes, making bland burgers better and coating the rims of margarita glasses, it can be employed in gargling, stain-removal and de-icing the driveway. Historically it’s been used as currency, its taxation financed the building of the Erie Canal, and it’s one of the most effective food preservatives in the world. There’s even a Salt Institute, which is dedicated to spreading the word about salt’s illustrious history and “14,000 uses.” Your grandmother probably knew most of those uses, but she probably didn’t know it could be used to make chlorine for pools.

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